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Il Tavolino restaurant with pizza in the heart of Milan

Il Tavolino is warmth, typical Italian, authenticity and a meeting place. A comfortable and convivial space where you can rediscover the taste of tradition. All the dishes are prepared with special attention to the choice of raw materials and with the same passion and dedication of the past.


Once upon a time

Our story begins long time ago, it’s a story of change and evolution.
The restaurant was born in 1981 from an old Milanese Inn dating back to the early 1900s Il Tavolino is a place of hospitality by tradition. A tradition that has been kept alive and evolved over time through the desire to recreate the ambience and familiarity of this ancient passage site in a modern key. A challenge dictated by the heart, born from the intuition of Milano Restaurant Group to give new life to a real fragment of Milan’s history, while maintaining the same values of the past.

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Unique and authentic flavors, our cuisine is an experience of tradition and taste.


Tavolino’s BBQ is the heart of our kitchen, pulsing with warmth and conviviality


The real Italian pizza, made with passion and genuine ingredients

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